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Rocky Dickerson


Hi, I'm Rocky Dickerson.    I was born in San Diego, California on March 18th, 1961.  My parents had met in San Diego.  My mother was originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and my father from the area of Meridian, Mississippi.  My parents were married over 58 years!  They were the best example I see of how to make a successful marriage last.  I am very lucky to have had them as my best friends.  I grew up in the sunny San Diego area for the next 38 years.  I grew up in Imperial Beach and Bonita. Later I moved to Chula Vista, Leucadia, and finally Oceanside.  In October of 1999 I moved out to exciting Las Vegas, Nevada and live in Summerlin now.   Las Vegas is a great place. Some people refer to it as "Sin City" and yes there are a number of very easy vices here. However I have found a strong community of faith throughout this area and have witnessed countless stories of people finding their second chance and receiving grace!. 

Most people who happen upon this page do so because they want to learn a little bit more about me.  I have had this web site since 1996 in one form or another.  Rocky DickersonA lot of people who know of me have actually never met me in person.  They have come to know of me through the Internet.  I did something in 1996 they spread through the Internet and people wanted to know who I was because of it.  What did I do?  Read the paragraph below this one and find out!  If you want to know a little more about me,  let me start with the basics... I am 6' 2", brown hair, green eyes, and one offbeat sense of humorI am in real estate and have over 11 years experience there. While I have been in sales in one form or another for a living, for a life   I  have done seminars and workshops and even counseling in one form another for over 20 years now.   I am a Christian and my church is where I spend a great deal of time away from my work.  I have a heart to serve and helping people and teaching people is what brings my life passion. I am a Christian that loves people as opposed to condemn them. As for myself, I love being in the outdoors whether it's taking a hike outdoors or playing volleyball or snorkeling (and in 2005 while living in the middle of the desert, I got certified to SCUBA!).  I enjoy playing guitar and singing (I once had the pleasure of singing on stage with Sting in front of 15,000 people), cooking (one of my specialties is fettucini carbonara - an Alfredo with bacon and mushrooms YUM!), working out (I'm in the gym a good 3 to 5 times a week), dancing, and reading (authors like Og Mandino, Rick Warren, Robert Kiyosaki and others).  Rocky Dickerson I LOVE music.  I have very eclectic tastes.  Everything from Pop to Country to Jazz to Mozart to Van Halen (how many other people have even heard Peruvian folk music - let alone have some on their MP3 player).I LOVE to travel and Maui is my favorite place on Earth. I'm planning on going every year in addition to places like Costa Rica and the Caribbean (Okay so I LOVE the ocean!)  I believe that life is an adventure and it's filled with opportunities (The trick to life is making the most of those opportunities). I believe in angels (I've seen one!).   I'm a perpetual romantic.  I believe the purpose of life is to let go of fears and find new ways to love.  I believe in a simple axiom about life "Love expands, fear contracts, and there is no question to which love is not the answer".  One thing I have enjoyed in the field of  hypnosis and seminars is that I've been able to explore various ways of breaking old paradigms.  This has taken me into adventures such as breaking boards with my bare hand, breaking a cement block with my bare hand, eating fire, walking on broken glass, breaking an arrow with my throat, and even standing on top of a 40 telephone pole! (I know, I wouldn't have believed it myself just 15 years back)  I even do seminars now as a speaker for my own company and others!  I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a regional television show and even host a local radio show (KLAV - Las Vegas, Nevada).  I believe that life is what you create it to be (ever see "The Matrix"?).  So I continually look to create a more empowering environment for both myself and those around me.

Cross at EasterPerhaps most people around the world who know me with having met me know me from something I did on August 31, 1996.  It all started when I met a woman named Danielle in 1994.  She and I shared a mutual appreciation of Sting's music both as a solo artist and as a member of The Police.  My love for Sting's music and my love for that woman continued to grow. So, on August 31, 1996... I combined the two.  I arranged a minor miracle.  I arranged to be onstage with Sting and perform "I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying" with him (he even let me solo!).  Then he led his band in an extended instrumental introduction to his hit song, "Fields Of Gold".  During this introduction, I stepped up to the microphone and proposed to Danielle from the stage.  She accepted (The review of that night is located in Mad About You).  Then, on October 2nd (Sting's birthday), she gave the ring back.  So, while that didn't work out, it did bring me a unique opportunity.  First, I have met a great number of fantastic people who know about Sting's music and second, it was an opportunity to help others.  She and I both realized that we were not meant to be together, only to travel that brief time together.

So, why do I have this web site here?  One thing about me is that helping people and teaching people are what bring my life passion.  So when I took some reflection time for myself, I decided to create the beginnings of this web site back in 1996.  After I received numerous emails from people I had never met telling me that what I had was helping them, I made a vow to keep this up and keep expanding it.  In fact, if  you have a story of a miracle or one of true love, email it to me.  I'm always looking for something new to add here.

From this page, you can go to several other web sites I have.   First, is Mad About You - my page about all things Sting (including pics, tabs and even rare mp3 files).   Next is The Pirate's Bride - my page about all things romantic (including poems and true life love stories).   Next Is Someone To Watch Over Me - my page for miracle stories.

Thank you for taking a part of your day and visiting.  If you have stories about true love, miracles, or anything that you have found empowering, feel free to  write to me here. I am looking for new stories that help empower other people.


Rocky Dickerson



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