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Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot by Rocky Dickerson
A sanctuary for stories of love and miracles

Here is where I keep stories of true love as well as the stories of miracles. I believe those things are in abundance around us everyday. Our souls are devine. Our true natures are angelic. Sometimes we just forget about the miracles around us everywhere. The media annually makes billions of dollars telling us stories that convince us otherwise. I will tell my personal stories as well as the stories I run acrossand receive from readers like yourself. Keep checking this page every so often, and you will find new stories. With any luck, you and I both will become inspired by these stories and we'll both be more aware of miracles everyday. Feel free to share your stories with me. I am always wanting to hear new stories to share.

BeatingHeart.gif (2489 bytes)  Stories of true love: The Pirate's Bride
Gold.gif (2029 bytes)  Stories of true miracles:: Someone To Watch Over Me