Ode To A New Love by Rocky Dickerson
by Rocky Dickerson

I know you.
Your perfume with the scent that awakens my senses.
Your smile that lights my day.
Your laugh that makes the outside world disappear.
Your touch that soothes my soul.
I sense you.
I feel you near.
Perhaps at the same place at different times.
Perhaps at the same time but just out of sight.
I have felt the energy of your presence.
I thank God.
I’m thankful for the gift that you are.
I’m grateful that fate brings us together.
As we should always be.
I invite you.
I stand with my hand outreached for you.
I pull you near with my thoughts.
I await you to hear me and reply.
You, who have been awaiting me.
You, who have sensed me.
You, who long for me.
You, who knows me from your dreams.
We are destined to meet.
We feel our destiny.
It has the strength of a mountain.
It has the tenderness of a rose petal.
For the angels who watch over us, time has no meaning.
You and I are in the same space at the same time.
As they see us, so shall we be my beloved.
So shall we be.