Lithium Sunset - by Sting

from the album "Mercury Falling"
transcribed by Brian Frice

Lithium Sunset - transcribed by Brian Frice

It starts out in E, just strum kinda folksy and throw in a couple quick ones. 
You can figure it out just listen to the recording

Then give the E a quick strum and mute it.

tacet  A    D
Heal my eyes
         A  D
Oh Lithium Sunset
                  F#m      Bm7
And take this lonesome burden
               Esus4 E
Of worry from my mind

(Then repeat the first two lines with the same chords)

Take this heartache
Of obsidian darkness

            F#m   G
And fold my darkness
               Esus4 E
Inside your yellow light

F#m         Bm7      
I've been scattered I've been shattered
         D           C#m
I've been knocked out of the race
            F#m      Bm7
But I'll get better
I fell your light upon my face

Heal my soul
Oh lithium sunset

     F#m          Esu4
I'll ride the turning world
   To another night
   To another night
   To another night
         A     D
See mercury falling...

It's probably not entirely correct and you'll have to listen to recording
to figure your strums and stuff.