Message In A Bottle

from the album "Regatta De Blanc"
transcribed by Michael J. Fromberger
transcribed by Harold Noriega (Acoustic and solo version)
transcribed by Donald W. Pope II
transcribed by Keith Sprochi

Message In A Bottle - transcribed by Michael J. Fromberger

The chord outline for Message looks like this:

C#add9  Aadd9  Badd9  F#add9 (sliding up to m3)  :|

"Chorus" 1  (I'll send an S.O.S....)
A   D  E   :|

"Chorus" 2  (I hope that some one gets my...)
F#m   D    :|

"Chorus" 3  (Message in a bottle...)
C#m   A   (repeat)  resolve to F#m then back to verse.

From watching the old Police live tapes, you can see that
Andy plays the add9 chords something like this:


I recommend doing the troups of three with fingers 1, 3, 4.  This way,
you can slide up from 6-7 on the final chord with your pinky and your
index will be in position over fret 4 to begin the cycle again.

I recommend barres for the chorus chords, to reproduce the original
feeling.  Try the 5th position A and D, 7th position E, 2nd position
F#m, and 4th position C#m.

Michael J. Fromberger
Composer, Guitarist

Message In A Bottle - transcribed by Harold Noriega

This is the acoustic and solo version of Message In A Bottle played by Sting

C#m  A      Bm   F                (see chord section for how this
Just a castaway                    main line is to be played)

C#m       A       Bm   Fm
An island lost at sea

C#m     A      Bm   Fm
Another lonely day

C#m    A        Bm   Fm
No one here but me

C#m  A     Bm   Fm
More loneliness

C#m      A         Bm   Fm
Than any man could bear

C#m    A   Bm   Fm   C#m      A  Bm   Fm
Rescue me, before I fall into despair

A(bar)       Dm  Em        A(bar)
Iíll send an S.O.S. to the world

A(bar)       Dm  Em        A(bar)
Iíll send an S.O.S. to the world

Fm7         Dm
I hope that someone gets my

Fm7         Dm
I hope that someone gets my

Fm7         Dm
I hope that someone gets my

C#m7*        A
Message in a bottle

C#m7*        A
Message in a bottle 

C#m7*        A
Message in a bottle 

C#m7*        A       Fm  Fm add 4*
Message in a bottle 


C#m         A      Bm  Fm
Iím sending out an S.O.S.

C#m         A      Bm  Fm
Iím sending out an S.O.S.

Repeat to fade


C#m:            046444
A:              002220
Bm:             024242
Fm:             244222
A(bar):         577655
Dm:             057755
Em:             079900
Fm7:            09(11)9(10)9
C#m7*:          046454
                (pull off 5 on the second string to 4 and repeat twice)
Fm7 add 4:      244222
                (pull off 4 on the fourth string and add 4 on first
                string to look like this: 242224

Main section played exactly as follows:  Play only these notes from the chords:

C#m:            046454
A:              002220	
Bm:             024242
Fm:             244  continue up the fourth string
                from 4/4 to 4/6 to 4/7 back to C#m7

If you play this solo on an acoustic or Spanish guitar, use the above
chord pattern.  If you use an electric guitar as did Sting in The Secret
Policemanís Ball, replace the A and Bm chords with the following barred
versions and play the notes as marked:

A:		557655
Bm:		779877

Although this is originally a Police song, ever since The Secret
Policemanís Ball and the Bring On The Night tour where Sting ended
each set with Message, this acoustic version has become a classic
Sting signature song.  Enjoy!
Harold Noriega

Message In A Bottle - transcribed by Donald W. Pope II

This is the main riff:

Play these lightly muted power chords next:


Lightly strum these bar chords:

These are the basic parts to the song, just piece them together...

Don Pope

Message In A Bottle - transcribed by Keith Sprochi

This is really reaching but I will try it anyway.  I think the chords are
c#m, A, B, f#m for the verse and then possibly c#m, A g#m or something like
that for the chorus.  When I played it with a band, my hand would ache after
a short time because of the barre chords so I now play it like this 
(although I haven't played it for months, so I don't know if this is right):

Verse (main riff)


I don't remember how the chorus goes;  I think I just strummed c#m, A, g#m
and f#m (but hearing it in my head, that last chord sounds like it should
be a seventh ???)

One thing to keep in mind is that chorus sounds great on this but with
a little distortion, the constant sliding around sounds pretty crappy if
you don't muffle the strings.  That is one problem I had anyway.

I hope that helps.

Keith D. Sprochi