April's Love Story
It was May 27th, 1986 and a Saturday night. I was on this date and couldn't have felt more bored and uncomfortable just to keep from long lapses of silence was a real effort. If we hadn't of gone to this 3 1/2 hour concert which helped take up the evening, I'd have been in a real "date dilema". After the concert we stopped at this little club to have a night cap before making the 45 minute drive home. We had been there probably 20 minutes when in walks this tall gorgeous man that not only caught my eye but later caught me!
I knew right away that this was strange. I mean I had been attracted to good-looking men before but this was different. As he entered the area (I was seated in with my date) he scanned over the room and then our eyes met. It was like something out of this world. It shot chills down my body. I had always heard about love at first sight and I do believe it.
The way I was sitting allowed me to see this mesmerizing man, my date however had no clue that he and I were making eye contact all evening. It should have been obvious to my date that I was totally preoccupied, I kept excusing myself to use the ladies room. That was the excuse anyhow I gave so that I could walk by him. Just to be close hoping we might speak to each other.
After the 5th or 6th trip, he finally approached me and asked me if that man I was with was my husband. I laughed and said," I would hope if it were I wouldn't be here talking to you now." Then he asked me if it was my boyfriend and I let him know that it was simply a date and a bad one at that. So he asked for my phone number and I tried to play hard to get but I realized that if I didn't give it to him I most likely may not see him again. So I did.
The next day, I started my week's vacation and had my whole week full. He called me on the 2nd day but I wasn't home and he left a message on my machine. So about 5 days and 10 - 12 messages later, he called and I just happened to be home. He let me know right away that this would have been his last call, he was starting to feel ignored. We set up a date for the next evening and it's been a great date ever since. We married two years later and have two beautiful children together and we fall further and further in love everyday.
And it's true: sometimes, when you least expect it, dreams do come true!

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